Partnership between StaFi protocol and Unmarshal


StaFi protocol is pleased to announce their partnership with Unmarshal, aim is to facilitate seamless access to the on-chain data to StaFi, enabling users to have a greater and intuitive user experience. Unmarshal would now be giving multiple data avenues like Restful APIs, Websockets etc. as endpoint integrations.

About StaFi protocol

StaFi (Staking Finance) is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that aims to unlock liquidity of staked assets. Stafi is also a decentralized protocol that empowers liquidity. It encompasses 3 layers which is bottom, contract and application layers.

STAFI Protocol solves the contradiction between the token liquidity and Mainnet security by issuing Advanced Browsing Token (ABT Token), which gives the liquidity of your Staking Assets. ABT token increases the staking rate to a higher level (100%, theoretically), and it could be tradable, its security is guided by STAFI Protocol which ensure ABT token is the only collateral that can apply to redeem staking asstes from original staking blockchain ( Tezos, Cosmos, Polkadot, etc.)

About Unmarshal

Unmarshal is a Multi-chain DeFi data network aiming to deliver granular, reliable & real-time data to Decentralized Applications (dApps). It provides the easiest way to query Blockchain data from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot. Unmarshal network consists of data indexers and transforming tools to power DeFi applications on any chain

Unmarshal is a complete end to end data network. they serve customized data needs for clients without asking them to code. The project aims to avoid the complexity and custom development required in other data protocols.

Importance of this partnership

StaFi Protocol is for unlocking the liquidity of staked assets, it has provided a better means where its token — $FIS can be staked, and reward tokens are also known as rTokens are given in return for staking. Unmarshal has provided the easiest way to query blockchain data on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot and it joined forces with StaFi Protocol to share the benefits to users and the community at large.

Two ways Unmarshal will support StaFi protocol

1; Transaction API

2; Wallet Balance API


StaFi is glad to work with Unmarshal to explore how to provide on-chain data more efficiently and safely for StaFi rTokens product. At the same time, they will also cooperate on providing the on-chain data querying tools about StaFi network and rTokens to our community

For More Information about StaFi Protocol,
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