Stafi partners with Stone DeFi

Stafi is a decentralized protocol that empowers liquidity. stafi encompasses 3 layers bottom, contract and application layers. The bottom layer is normally based on a blockchain system established by Substrate (which is a blockchain architecture developed by Parity, and the whole architecture integrates many development modules, including consensus module, P2P module, Staking module, etc.). The contract layer support creating a variety of Staking contracts, such as Staking contracts for XTZ, Atom and Dot respectively. The token holder can Stake through Staking Contract, which is consistent with the inflation incentives obtained by the ordinary Stake. But the difference is that The holder also can obtain rTokens. Last, the application layer supports third-party Stafi based APIs or customized APIs to create a decentralized bondeds asset trading market for rTokens to circulate, transfer, and trade on the Stafi protocol.

StaFi has of late being making steady progress partnering with DeFi protocols to unlock staked assets and create rewards token of staked assets. Among the “rTokens” are rDOT, rETH, rATOM, rKSM, rFIS among others. These are reward tokens that brings value to staked assets thereby bring value to unlock them

About Stone protocol, is the only yield management protocol focused on creating ‘Rock Solid Yield’ for all users in the DeFi ecosystem.

Stone is positioned as an anchor yield aggregation platform, and will eventually evolve to become a cross-chain asset aggregation and yield marketplace with the inclusion of multi-chain Proof of Stake assets such as Eth2.0 and Polkadot.

StaFi and Stone recognize the potential of interoperability and have been designing new products on substrate, anticipating new assets emerging on Polkadot Ecosystem. They recognize the fact that defi protocols can also work together, to be able to exchange and make use of useful information. Stone aspires to build index products and other interest products on substrate to harness the abundance of cross-chain assets on Polkadot and provide easy access for average users to yield-bearing assets. So basically, this means that Stone users will soon get exposure to yield opportunities in assets that are multiples the size of the current value locked in DeFi through the help of StaFi.

rETH is a synthetic derivative asset issued to ETH stakers, that enables instant liquidity for the illiquid Ethereum 2.0 network. rETH can be redeemed from the StaFi platform for the stakers to keep in self-custody, trade on Uniswap or utilize in DeFi protocols to earn a yield. Stone will support rETH in its farming strategy, providing rETH holders the best yields via liquidity provision and lending activities.


StaFi is a generation platform of staking derivatives, rETH will solve the controversy between locking period and token dilution until phase1.5 of ETH2, integrated into STONE will bring a new use case for rETH holder, that’s yield farming, which make me excited] Said Liam Young, Founder of StaFi



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