StaFi Protocol and their partnerships so far

StaFi (short for Staking Finance) is the First DeFi Protocol Unlocking Liquidity of Staked Assets. Below is the full meaning of StaFi Ptotocol,

StaFi protocol is the first decentralized protocol unlocking liquidity of Staked assets. StaFi aim is to solve the contradiction between Mainnet security and token liquidity in PoS consensus.
StaFi is a combined abbreviation of Staking+Finance. It is a decentralized protocol built with the Substrate. The contract layer is composed of multiple staking contracts, and the application layer is mainly trading platform of rTokens.

FIS is the native tokens of Stafi. FIS is involved in 3 scenarios: Gas, Staking and value capture.

  1. FIS is the fuel of the system. It prevents a large sum of spam popping up in the system. FIS charged will be distributed to validators and Protocol Treasury, and the distribution ratio can be adjusted by concerning parameters.

2. Stafi adopts NPoS consensus and uses the underlying motivation design of Polkadot for reference. Based on security design, Stafi tunes up motivation curve in accordance of the Staking ratio of FIS in order to achieve the cyber security and long-term development of the system.

3. FIS is a medium for the value capture in Stafi system (mainly provides value for the liquidity of rToken). The Staking Contracts of Stafi not only provides Staking service for Stakers, but also guarantee liquidity. Service fee will be charged by Stafi protocol from users to value to Stafi network. The proposition of value will be expounded in part 5 of this document.

StaFi Partnerships

StaFi protocol has partnered with so many project, blockchain oracles and rTokens
Below are some of the StaFi partnership

Reef finance

About ImToken and StaFi protocol

StaFi rETH integrated into imToken, Stake ETH to Win $100,000 StakingDrop.
rETH Released on imToken

StaFi rETH mobile launched on imToken wallet. At the same time, StaFi and imToken will jointly launch a StakingDrop campaign to encourage more ETH holders to participate in ETH2.0 Staking.

From July 22, 2021 to August 20, 2021(UTC), the users who stake ETH through the rETH mobile on imToken wallet could share the FIS token rewards pool the worth of $100,000 USDT, based on the amount of staked ETH. The rewards will be distributed in the form of ERC20 FIS token.
Read more about this partnership here,
About ImToken here

DEX Partnership with StaFi Protocol

StaFi and Dexe reached a strategic cooperation to give both traders and followers a way to generate even more profit from their assets. StaFi changes that by issuing a tradable rToken that one could exchange freely on any DEX or CEX where it is traded. The rToken/Token exchange rate will increase along with the staking rewards generated, thus the rToken holders could redeem more native tokens.

Through their partnership with the DeXe Network, StaFi gets access to their traders and followers (and the volume of assets they bring). In turn, StaFi allows their traders (and followers) to use StaFi’s instruments to “double-dip” into staking assets for their normal staking awards (fee distribution) plus the benefit of having the rXYZ tokens to freely trade for speculative gains. Their partnership was another chance for the successful, seasoned traders that use the DeXe Network to demonstrate their skills and squeeze out more profit from each asset.
For more details about this partnership click here.
More about DEX click here.

StaFi partnership with Oasis

StaFi Protocol and Oasis Protocol Foundation reached a strategic cooperation on December 1st. Both parties seek to ease the process of importing personal data into an exchange by data generators, which is based on Staking Derivatives(rToken). This will support the “Authorization” of personal private data in a decentralized way, which can be used by data generators to obtain revenue.

With StaFi’s ability to provide data application solutions and the Oasis Network’s capacity for confidential compute, they see the partnership as an opportunity to unlock a broad range of new use cases in blockchain. For example, that StaFi can provide users of privacy products on Oasis with data “lending” services through derivative(rToken). The exchange, namely ‘Money Market’ formed by rToken, can help data producers claim ownership of data.
For more details about this Partnership click here.
More about Oasis network click here

StaFi Partnership with Bluzelle

StaFi Protocol partnered with Bluzelle. Being able to bridge off-chain and on-chain data with Bluzelle decentralized database and oracles, Bluzelle will help to support data for StaFi’s staking contract, such as pledge, redemption, transaction, as well as mapping information between rTokens & Staked tokens.

Through the partnership with Bluzelle, StaFi can rely on Bluzelle’s powerful database to complete the upgrade of Staking Contracts, supporting including price predictions of rToken/original Token, over-collateralized data in Lending Protocol, and related transaction-related data in future Crypto. That makes us really excited.
For more details click here.
To know more about bluzelle click here

StaFi Partnership with Reef Finance

Reef Finance and Stafi Protocol are Working Together to Unlock the Liquidity of Staked Assets in DeFi Markets

StaFi Protocol is working together with Reef Finance in order to let investors simultaneously enjoy the DeFi yield opportunities along with the liquidity of their assets staked in DeFi applications.
To know more about this partnership click here.
More about Reef Finance check here

StaFi Protocol with Equilibrium

StaFi and Equilibrium teamed up to make their networks and assets more fully compatible with each other. Equilibrium will added StaFi’s rTokens to its lending platform, and StaFi’s staking platform will work with Equilibrium’s EQ token. Equilibrium, is built on top of Polkadot technology. StaFi’s system design introduces a reward token called rToken, which is a tradeable, fungible, and yield-generating synthetic representation of a user’s staked assets.
Read more here.
To know more about equilibrium click here.

About Chainlink and StaFi Protocol

StaFi reached a strategic cooperation with Chainlink’s market-leading oracle solution to provide dynamic exchange rates for rTokens as part of StaFi Protocol’s new staking derivatives solution. Chainlink’s price oracles are critical to ensuring that stakers creating, trading, and redeeming staking derivatives via the StaFi Protocol always receive the fair market price on those assets.
More about this partnership click here
To know more about chainlink check here.

StaFi’s partnership with Polkalokr

Polkalokr and StaFi both believe in simplifying the complexities of DeFi space by providing users smarter solutions for a smoother experience. This vision has motivated both parties to join hands and work together closely to bring even better opportunities for both the platform users and make DeFi mainstream.

They have formed this partnership to explore the use of Polkalokr’s technology for locking and distribution of tokens for StaFi. Polkalokr will be exploring the use of StaFi’s rTokens to provide more utility and usability to the Polkalokr community and clients.
Read more about this partnership here.
To know more about Polkalokr, here.

To know more about StaFi Protocol, check below
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